Pro Design landscaping Lighting is crucial in landscaping

When night falls, the beauty of your landscape tends to fade into the darkness. As landscape designers, our mission is to create living spaces that allow you to enjoy every moment of your day outdoors, with proper lighting offering a solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Proper lighting places makes it possible to:

  • Enhance the overall look of your layout
  • Create different zones and atmospheres
  • Add value to your property
  • Highlight the key elements of your outdoor design
  • Increase security

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Lighting fixtures are key decorative elements in interior design, and the same can be true for your home’s exterior. If every room in your home benefits from lighting fixtures that enhance style and décor, there’s no reason for your outdoor space not to enjoy those same benefits. Exterior lighting not only adds value to your investment, but also allows you to top off your project in style. All of your accessories, installations, and plants will be highlighted no matter the time of day.

Think Security

Exterior lighting also helps to mark out places of passage while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. With the right system, your driveway, garden, or swimming pool will benefit from sober and practical lighting. We also advise you to opt for in-ground lighting; this simple, subtle light source will guide your path without detracting from the harmony of your design.

Your lighting system can also be automated. Your house can light up whenever you want, even if you aren’t home, to help you keep peace of mind.

Every Atmosphere Needs Its Own Lighting

Looking to highlight a beautiful tree? A light fixture projecting upward is the best solution. On the other hand, rock gardens and flowerbeds benefit from multiple light sources scattered on the ground.

As for your stone walls, they may require a concealed, specially-designed system. You can choose from a wide range of fixture designs that are able to cultivate your desired ambiance in every corner of your outdoor space, including your terrace, pergola, and more. Whatever the case, the goal is to choose light sources that are decorative at night but discreet during the day.

We’re also happy to recommend various eco-friendly options using solar energy and LED technology.

Tips in a nutshell:

  • Direct lighting according to the needs of the area or object that must be lit
  • Opt for waterproof luminaires
  • Differentiate between utility, mood, or decorative lighting
  • Choose a soft, warm light in the dining and relaxation areas, with a brighter choice for travel areas
  • Consider wireless luminaires
  • Be creative!

Do you have a lighting project in mind? Tell us about your ideas!