Pro Design landscaping A daring new landscape

2020 is the year of happiness at home. Current trends in exterior design are clear: it’s time to recreate the indoors in your outdoor space! Bring the comfort of the living room, the warmth of the bedroom, and the functionality of the kitchen right into your backyard.

Landscape design has become a genuine art form as well as an integral part of a home’s overall layout and identity. If you’re willing to carefully refine each room of your home by adding interesting colours, decorations, and accessories, why not do the same with your landscaping? This summer, we invite you to be bold and think outside the box!

Our team of landscape designers can offer you a wide range of elements that can transform and enrich your conventional landscaping.

Slabs and Paving Stones

It’s always fun to get in touch with your creative side and let your imagination run wild to create a unique outdoor design. One key element that can completely change the look of your space is the addition of natural stone. Whether for flooring or retaining walls, there are tons of amazing colours, textures, and layouts that you can explore. Adding Chinese steps to the 2.0 look, inserting herringbone or honeycomb stones, and mixing colours and materials within the same cladding are just scratching the surface!

Although adding natural stone requires a somewhat higher investment, its unmatched beauty will last for years, requiring only minimal maintenance.

This season’s trend focuses on contemporary design and large format slabs with a smooth finish. Just as we see in interior design, we aim for a clean look that allows for the juxtaposition of compelling finishing elements. When it comes to quality and aesthetics, Rocvale products are the perfect choice!

Mixing Materials

To be at the cutting edge, you have to let your creativity shine. Be bold and combine different kinds of materials and styles! If you opt for clean and modern flooring, add some warm wood elements or wicker furniture. You can also set up privacy barriers made of wooden slats and dress them with climbing plants to add a pop of colour. Metal, river stone, wood, rattan, cork, and glass are all materials that can coexist harmoniously within the same space if matched thoughtfully.

The Warmth of Home

Finally, don’t hesitate to incorporate interior elements into your exterior areas. Small bedside lamps on side tables, cushions, carpets, and potted plants such as succulents or cacti will liven up your landscape design and make you want to enjoy your outdoor space as often as possible. As far as comfort goes, rope chairs and hammocks are popular choices for fostering a cozy, bohemian atmosphere.

Another indoor element you can bring outside is your kitchen. No matter your space and budget, it can work wonders to simply dress up your barbecue with a wooden structure while also adding some shelves, herb trays, or a small work surface.

The idea here is to show you that the only limit is your own imagination. Our team of landscape designers can offer you a wide range of elements that can transform and enrich your conventional landscaping.